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Video production is no longer just the domain of major television stations and film studios. With the costs of using video dropping significantly over the years, video production service companies have been growing in number to serve a wide variety of clients. Video production can be used for corporate communication, training and educating staff as well as for sales presentations for clients. It can also be used to create an end-product such as a DVD.

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Regardless of whether you're filming a feature film, television show, infomercial or even a music video, there are three main stages involved in film video production: pre-production, production and post-production.

Video Production Stages

Pre-production occurs before any filming takes place. It is the planning stage where the scope and budget of the project are defined and approved, shooting locations are finalized and storyboards are rendered. This stage is intended to remove any needless worry by anticipating as many issues as possible prior to the filming.

Production is the stage when the filming takes place, complete with directors, camera operators, technical crews and actors if necessary. Post-production begins once the cameras have stopped. The film is then synched up with the audio during the video production editing phase. Transitions and graphics are added and the video is mass-produced or distributed as necessary.

TV video production, unlike shooting a film, is a regular occurrence rather than a one-time project. Newscasts or sportscasts generally happen daily or even several times a day and may occur in a studio or on location. Live television adds an extra element of uncertainty, such as the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl. For this reason, many live television productions are delayed by several seconds in order to censor any potentially offensive visual or audio content.

Video Production Uses

With the reduced costs of hiring a video production crew, many businesses are taking advantage of using video to add another income stream to their business model. This is particularly true with live events; rather than relying solely on the one-time income from the event, the organizers can leverage video technology to make a DVD that can be sold with an enticing return on investment. Depending on the popularity of the event, the sales from the DVD can easily offset the cost of the production and become a profit center, with subsequent costs being much less than the initial outlay.

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