Integrated Marketing

Develop an integrated marketing strategy

Integrated marketing is a commercial concept that seeks to institute a carefully conceived and meticulously cultivated identity throughout all levels of business operations. In theory, an integrated marketing strategy is a creative way to add value, build customer loyalty and provide customers with a unique experience.

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Key Integrated Marketing Concepts

There are three key implementation sites of a successful integrated marketing strategy. They include branding, management and employees.

The most important aspect of an effective marketing campaign built on integration concepts is your company's brand. More specifically, integrated marketing concepts rely upon using your company's branding to forge a unique identity. This identity, in turn, is used in niche marketing efforts to carve out your company's position in the marketplace and provide value to your customers.

Once you've established your company's brand, you then mobilize all the staff in your entire organization, from executives and management right down to front-line workers and customer service staff, to buy into the promotion of the brand and its associated values. In essence, integrated marketing is a form of interactive marketing, in which all customer interaction with your company's staff becomes a form of brand advertising.

Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated strategies have proven to be extremely effective marketing tools. They have the ability not only to help you attract and retain more customers, but they also lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction and shareholder benefit. They help every member of your staff, no matter their position, understand their role better and make tangible contributions to the success of the company.

Research indicates that the specific benefits of integrated marketing include:

  • Enhanced levels of customer satisfaction, due to consistent service and brand experiences
  • Expanded opportunities to achieve cost-effectiveness across marketing and agency processes and build better strategic partnerships
  • Dramatic improvements in employee satisfaction and retention rates, as well as superior performance and process efficiency

If your company or organization offers products or services that can be packaged or presented in branded form, integrated marketing is a strategy well worth considering. Implementation of an integrated marketing strategy will require some effort and resource expenditure, but its result is often a customer base that's larger, more stable and more satisfied.