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Make the most of targeted email marketing services

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise in today's media landscape. It is done to reach new customers, reinforce relationships with existing customers and boost levels of customer loyalty, or to raise funds for a charitable cause.

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An Introduction to Email Marketing

There are two main types of email marketing: unsolicited and opt-in or "permission" marketing. Unsolicited email marketing efforts send out your message regardless of whether or not the recipient has expressed any interest in receiving it, and opt-in marketing is a form of targeted email marketing in which prospective customers give you implicit or explicit permission to contact them.

Typically, advertisers generate mailing lists with the help of email marketing services, or lead generation services that collect and maintain databases of consumer contact information. You can either buy or license the temporary use of email marketing lists from these companies. As an alternative to hiring bulk email marketing services, you can purchase email marketing software that help you generate ads as well as manage and track campaigns.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Email Marketing

The advantages of email marketing are well-documented. First and foremost, it is one of the cheapest ways to send your message out to potential customers. Even if you need to invest in specialized email software to support your efforts, you'll still be saving huge amounts of money compared to the cost of advertising through print, radio or television media. You can also generate very precise return on investment (ROI) figures, connect with customers quickly and easily, and enjoy an automatic way to generate repeat business.

However, there are disadvantages you also need to take into close consideration before deciding whether or not email marketing is for you. Because of the massive amounts of spam people are used to receiving in their email inboxes, your message may be instantly discarded without being read. You run this risk even if the consumer is a previous customer of yours, or responded to an opt-in campaign.

You are also up against a lot of illegitimate advertisers in your effort to reach customers, and consumers have few tools at their disposal which they can use to distinguish genuine, desirable solicitations from junk email. According to recent industry analysis, barely more than 50 percent of legitimate email marketing messages reach the eyes for which they were intended.

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