Marketing Firms

Finding the top marketing firms in your area

Marketing firms have the ability to package the products or services your company sells in a way that has great appeal to the demographics you want to target. Hiring the right marketing agency can have a dramatic impact on the success of your advertising campaign, so it's imperative that you know how to recognize a firm that can help you maximize your potential.

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Common Approaches to Marketing

Marketing initiatives are defined by two main things: the approach you take to connect with potential customers, and the media you use to reach them. Common approaches include retail, email, database, Internet and direct mail marketing. You can also fuse several approaches together using a technique known as integrated marketing.

In some cases, the approach you take will dictate the medium you use. With direct mail marketing, for example, you're going to be bound to the print advertising format. However, in most cases, you'll have your choice of media formats, including print as well as radio, television, Internet and billboards.

Tips for Selecting Marketing Agencies

The top marketing firms in the world have a track record of success across a wide range of industries, media and approaches to product or service promotion. One of the things you should look for is a portfolio of case studies that demonstrate success in concrete, quantifiable and verifiable terms.

Avoid marketing agencies that try to push their own answers, approaches and policies on you without really listening to your goals, needs and vision. All successful marketing efforts result from cooperation and collaboration between the advertising firm and the provider of the product or service.

Finally, keep in mind that if your company is locally based with a limited market, it can be beneficial to limit your search to marketing firms in your area. Local boutique marketing agencies will have an innate understanding of the consumer base you're trying to connect with and will be able to offer you more specialized service than an agency located in another region. However, if you are attempting to connect with a national or international market, there's no need to limit yourself to marketing firms in your area – go with a company that has successfully handled similar initiatives in the past.