Marketing Trends

Understanding trends in consumer marketing

Marketing trends are not just fashionable bandwagons to jump on and off of – they provide precious insights into the evolving nature of consumer behavior. Right now, consumer marketing trends reinforce what has long been predicted: digital advertising is becoming a standard forum, and it offers exciting new possibilities given the nature of the medium.

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Hot Marketing Trends

Current market research analysis shows that strong, clearly defined brands that have very specific appeal to a targeted segment of the market tend to be the top performers. Right now, niche is king. Brands and products that try to be everything all at once are increasingly falling out of favor with consumers.

In terms of Internet marketing trends, interactive online marketing, video marketing and marketing for mobile devices are really heating up. More and more companies are using the unique characteristics and power of the Web to reach a global audience to their full advantage. One of the closely related direct marketing trends is email marketing, which sends promotional messages straight to a prospective customer's inbox. Enhanced software tools are available to give companies more control over their campaigns, as well as tools for creative, effective email ads that generate positive results. In addition, you should consider the power of social media websites to communicate promotional messages: market reports show that this is not a fad that's going to disappear overnight.

In terms of the type of message that's resonating with consumers in this unpredictable age, consider positioning your products or services as a solution that offers peace of mind. Marketing trends show that people are really responding well to promises of a reduction in worry and the trustworthiness of a brand, product or service.

Finally, make a strong effort not to just sell a product or service to your customers, but to build actual relationships with them. Honesty and integrity are scoring big points with consumers after years and years of less scrupulous approaches. Shape your marketing campaigns to show customers that you value their business and that you're listening to what they have to say. Make the customer feel like they're being heard and have the ability to influence your policies – this is a key way in which a symbiotic relationship is built and levels of trust increase.

One note of caution, though: beware of ignoring conventional marketing wisdom in favor of current trends. Trends, by definition, come and go; you should always underpin your approach with permanence and reliability.