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At one time, list brokers focused primarily on establishing well-organized and closely managed mailing lists that were used to increase sales, promote companies and their programs, and keep customers up-to-date on the latest news. As businesses have come to increasingly rely on the Internet and email for their daily operations, mailing list brokers have expanded their expertise to include direct mail list brokers, email list brokers and SEO experts.

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Business owners hire list brokers to help them find new clients and organize and manage relationships with existing customers. List brokers may provide lead generation and contact management services, while also taking care of all your promotional mailing needs, such as sending out catalogues, brochures, coupons and credit offers.

Mailing List Brokers

Mailing list brokers' services will vary, depending on the company you choose to deal with. Some list brokers only compile and sell potential customer lists, leaving you to do all the difficult work yourself. Others will compile a personalized list, stuff envelopes, provide shipping and even deal with the customer service required to respond to the mailing. List brokers may also provide their clients with comparative surveys, offering you information on your competitors, their prices and their clientele.

When choosing a broker, make sure you're looking into their reputation. There are state-based rules and regulations that guide telemarketing and promotions, and you can face hefty fines if you break the law. Your list broker should be aware of the local laws that are in place in the area where you're sending your material.

B2B Mailing List Brokers

B2B mailing list brokers are a little different than your typical list broker. These brokers focus on business-to-business communication and supply chain relations. While B2B brokers may offer similar services as traditional list brokers, their focus is on creating strong relationships between businesses.

Many B2B mailing list brokers are industry-specific, and are able to offer you the best insider information on what is going on and who is moving in on your business. These brokers may also be helpful if your company deals internationally, since their industry connections allow them a broad base of clientele.

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