Lead Generation

Let lead generation services bring customers to you

No matter what industry you work in, lead generation has the potential to bring new customers to you, rather than your having to take your business to them. There are many different techniques used in sales lead generation, some of which may be more directly applicable to your business than others. Before you start soliciting lead generation services, it's a good idea to understand how this concept works and the various possibilities that are available to you.

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The Basics of Lead Generation

No matter what medium or forum you use for generating leads, the basic approach remains the same: a consumer is presented with an informational pitch and invited to fill out a form which includes his or her contact information. A salesperson or other company representative then follows up on the potential customer's interest in your business's products or services and determines which he or she would like to purchase.

Traditionally, direct mail marketing has been one of the most commonly used forms of lead generation. Today, though, the power of the Internet has changed the commercial landscape, and online lead generation has become the standard approach.

Types of Lead Generation

As mentioned, direct mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of lead generation. But there are many others, including:

  • TV or radio advertising. You can create radio or television ads that feature a call to action inviting consumers to contact your company. When they contact your company for further information on a product, service or consumer issue, representatives can also take the opportunity to showcase the company itself and attempt to drum up business.
  • Trade show lead generation. Attending industry events is a great way to meet potential business partners. This form of lead generation is ideal if you're seeking to enhance your business-to-business visibility.
  • Online lead generation. The world of online lead generation includes everything from e-mail campaigns to form data. You can use the Internet for automated lead generation by setting up a site designed to attract applicable traffic and encouraging interested individuals to fill out an online form so you can follow up with them later.
  • Telemarketing. With telemarketing lead generation, callers contact private individuals or companies to determine whether or not they are in the market for your company's products or services.