Logo Design

Make your mark with a custom logo design

A strong, clean, commanding logo is a vital part of any complete branding strategy but, to the eventual dismay of many businesses, logo design is often a mere afterthought. If you make logo branding a priority, the rest of your marketing strategy may naturally fall right into place.

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The benefits of a good logo are proven: you create instant product identification and visually communicate company values and product benefits to consumers. While professional custom logo design is recommended, you can also design your own if you're a small business owner on a budget.

Outsource Your Company Logo Design

Like designs for flagship products, your corporate logo design is too important to be left to chance or amateurs. Professional design companies are aware of both marketing trends and proven, time-honored principles that can make your new logo a cut above the rest. They also employ talented, highly trained and skilled artists and designers – professionals whose job it is to create logos that will leave a lasting impression.

Design Your Own Logo

If you prefer to handle your own logo design, there are some tools and principles that you should be aware of. First, investing in logo design software will make the process much easier. While you might not think of them as essential small business software, these computer programs can give your design ideas a professional treatment.

Next, use these tips and tricks to help you design an effective logo:

  • Make sure that your logo is equally effective with and without a color scheme attached to it.
  • Your logo should be scalable. In other words, it looks good whether it's 2 inches or 2 feet in height.
  • Since your company will probably have some Internet advertising, your logo should represent well on-screen as well as in print.
  • All good logos can be described in words without needing to be seen to be understood.
  • Simplicity is key. Don't make your logo overly complex, and try to keep the design simple and clean, using easily identifiable shapes and patterns.

During the actual design process, it helps to work in black before rendering your ideas in color. This ensures that the logo itself works as a stand-alone entity. Also, remember that your logo doesn't necessarily need to explain what it is your company does; it only needs to be a visually striking tool that you use to convey your company's values and position its brands.