Television Advertising

How to get started advertising on television

When harnessed to full advantage, television advertising can be one of the most effective promotional tools out there. Advertising on television has proven benefits, such as attracting new customers and increasing awareness of your brands, products and services.

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However, it is vital that you invest wisely and use time-tested television advertising techniques to ensure your message appeals to consumers. Television advertising rates can be very expensive, particularly if you want to advertise on a national network during peak hours.

Dos and Don'ts of Television Advertising

As with all forms of marketing, from traditional print advertising to cutting-edge Internet advertising, there are some techniques you want to take advantage of, and others you want to avoid. Keep these dos in mind when conceptualizing your television advertising campaign:

  • Use the power of the medium to your advantage. Television advertising brings your business instant legitimacy. Harness this power to position or reposition your brands and influence public perception of your company.
  • Stand out. Create a unique look and feel for your ad, and combine it with a special promotion, product launch or other newsworthy event whenever possible.
  • Include a call to action. Tell viewers why they need to act now, and follow through by having enough customer service staff and resources to respond to inquiries, information requests and product demand.
  • Know the response rates of different times of day. While the highest numbers of viewers tune in during prime time, late night and early morning television advertisements tend to produce the highest actual response rates.

Similarly, there are definitely some don'ts when it comes to TV ads:

  • Don't air an untested ad. See how a focus group or test audience responds to your ad. Television advertising costs a lot, and you'll want to correct any missteps before your commercial airs.
  • Don't sell your ad opportunity short. If you throw a low-budget, bare-bones television advertisement on during an expensive, popular time slot, then the high-budget, slick advertisements that will likely air before and after it will make your ad seem cheap and your product unappealing.
  • Don't try to do everything yourself. Network and cable television advertising is costly. Hiring an experienced advertising firm to ensure your message is professionally produced and represented is a necessity of doing business. Given the size of the investment you're going to make, cutting corners doesn't add up.