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Internet advertising has several unique characteristics which make it an extremely appealing option for business owners. First, online advertising is the only promotional form that permits live, real-time interaction between the advertiser and viewer. Second, the Internet is the only medium with the ability to bring a single campaign to a global audience. No other type of advertising has the potential of Web advertising, but to make the most of your opportunity, you've got to learn to how to harness its power.

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Types of Online Advertising

Internet advertising takes numerous forms, all of which you'll want to consider when choosing how to best spread your message. The simplest type of Web advertising is a banner ad, which you pay to place on a prominent website with the hope that users interested in your products or services will click on the banner to come to your company website. You can also promote your business by buying traffic that's searching for the products or services you sell; an Internet advertising company can walk you through the ins and outs of using this potentially lucrative approach.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a unique Internet advertising opportunity, you should also consider email marketing or database marketing. Both of these approaches are unsolicited forms of direct marketing in which you send e-mails promoting your company to targeted recipients.

With e-mail marketing, you send the message out to a wide audience, hoping to connect with potential customers; database marketing is more selective and targeted, using consumer behavior information stored in a database to generate mailing lists. Social media marketing, in which you use the features of social networking websites to expose your business to an ever-widening network of users, is also really starting to take off.

However, the most powerful and medium-specific approach you can take on the Web involves interactive advertising. This approach is typically used in video or slide show ads, and allows the viewer to select options, shuttle forward or backward and customize the delivery of your message to suit his or her preferences. It is an excellent way to create a virtual dialogue between your business and your customers.

The Cost of Internet Advertising

Advertising online is, on the whole, less expensive than advertising on TV. The cost of Internet advertising varies according to the amount of traffic your host site gets and the amount of bandwidth your ad uses (if it's a media-rich slide show or video). However, on average, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message out to a mass audience. Use the Internet's reach to showcase your business and attract new customers.

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