Courier Services

Business courier services for time-sensitive deliveries

Things move quickly in the business world--too quickly to take chances when it comes to your shipping needs. To make sure deliveries arrive on time, most businesses choose courier services. With their specialized infrastructure and package tracking technologies, business courier services are able to meet even the most demanding client shipping needs.

To get the most from your investment in courier services, it’s important to choose the right company, as a niche provider may be able to meet your particular needs better than a larger company. Doing your research and knowing how to reduce your business cargo shipping costs is essential, especially if you deal with a large volume of outbound packages.

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Types of Business Courier Services

Some of the specialized types of courier services you may wish to take advantage of include:

  • Bicycle or motorcycle couriers. If you ship locally and your business is situated in a dense urban area, bicycle and motorcycle couriers make an excellent choice for light shipping. They are cost-effective, reliable and able to deliver packages very quickly.
  • Air couriers. Large courier companies operate a dedicated fleet of aircraft that are used to send cargo across long distances, either transcontinentally or internationally. Dealing with specialized international courier services is essential if you ship globally, as these companies have expanded infrastructure and are very helpful in assisting clients with customs issues.
  • Same-day and overnight couriers. Most courier services offer same-day and overnight shipping options within selected areas for time-sensitive jobs, though there are also some couriers that deal exclusively with rush deliveries.

Reduce Your Costs When Using Business Courier Services

If you make regular use of courier services, you know that costs can add up very quickly, but there are many things businesses can do to reduce this financial sting. First, shop around for the best rate on the type of shipping you do most often, and build a relationship with the courier service you choose. You’ll save on labor costs by reducing the burden on your company’s administrative services, as the courier company will quickly become familiar with your business needs.

Air couriers are the most expensive, so you should only use them when it’s absolutely necessary. Also, be sure to use the smallest and lightest container possible, as couriers add surcharges for package sizes and weights. Freight brokers provide helpful, money-saving services for large, bulky shipments and can help you quickly compare quotes and rates from multiple service providers. Finally, be sure to ask about volume discounts, as you may qualify for lowered rates based if you use a particular service frequently.