Courier Business Accounts

Save money while Offering Superior Customer Service

By Jeff Nedder

If your business relies on shipping product out to customers, it's vital that you use a shipping service that is timely, economical and guarantees that each shipment reaches its destination. Setting up a courier business account can be a great way to increase the value to your customers while also cutting down on your bottom line.

Many small businesses rely on using standard postal services to deliver goods because they feel that they don't ship in large enough quantities to merit a dedicated courier business account. However, most courier business accounts can be set up without having high volumes of shipments. The added benefits make setting up an account with a courier a worthy endeavor; not only are they competitively priced, but they also allow you to provide superior service to your customer.

Here are a few of the benefits of opening a courier business account; many of these features are unavailable or not guaranteed by the postal service:

  • Online tracking 24/7
  • On-site pickups
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • U.S. and international delivery
  • Added savings and discounts
  • Bill your account rather than use a credit card
  • Higher traceability

A great courier company offering all of these benefits is Purolator courier. I learned that they have a special offer available -- just sign up for a business account with them and you automatically qualify for a 20 percent discount for up to six months. Imagine how much your business can save while also offering a more user-friendly shipping solution to your customers. Click the coupon on this page to get more information about this great offer from Purolator.

Many businesses think that working with a courier is too expensive and don't take the time to consider what the effect of poor customer service will cost them in the long run. Think about it -- your customer wants to receive their goods quickly and in top condition, they also don't want to wait around all day because a delivery may or may not arrive. Each shipment you send out can make or break your relationship with a customer, so don't make this decision lightly.

Do your customers really want to go out of their way to a post office to pick up their package? Wouldn't it be more convenient if it was waiting for them when they arrived home at after a busy day? Or how about scheduling an early morning delivery so that the customer is home to receive the shipment before heading off to work? Lastly, if the customer ends up with a defective product, wouldn't you rather deal with this potentially sensitive situation by immediately shipping a new product overnight and have a courier pick up the old product? Do you think the customer would appreciate the added service of not making the return shipping arrangements themselves?

The shipping service that your business offers goes a long way to showing customers that you value their business and will go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. This can make the difference between having a lifelong customer or one that will shop with your competitor next time around. The economy is uncertain enough without encouraging your customers to shop elsewhere!

Is opening a courier business account right for your business? Only you can make that decision. If up until now you thought your business wasn't ready or big enough, you may be pleasantly surprised.

With all the benefits mentioned above, not only will a dedicated courier account increase your savings, but it will also make a good impression on your clients when they receive a delivery or need to make a return. Courier companies can offer time-sensitive deliveries that the postal service simply can't match -- so do the right thing for your company and your clients by setting up a courier business account today.