Small Business Lawyers

Tips on lawyers for small business owners

Every small business needs a lawyer. Legal consultation is very important when establishing a new business, and since no owner or manager – no matter how knowledgeable they are about their industry – can always anticipate the behavior of customers or competitors, finding a dependable lawyer and keep them around in case of emergency is a good plan.

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All small businesses will, at some point, require the services of small business lawyers. Legal advice and guidance is an absolute necessity for any company encountering a legal suit, negotiating a lease or preparing a contract. An attorney can help a small business understand and comply with important governmental regulations when executing all of these things, keeping down costs by preventing costly fines and penalties.

Where to Look for a Lawyer

Unfortunately, just because there are a lot of lawyers available, including contract lawyers, employment lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers, doesn't mean they all have expertise in small business law. To find specialized lawyers for small business owners, you should start by consulting people in your industry: ask accountants, bankers and other small business owners if there are any legal experts in your local area they would recommend.

State Bar Associations often have referral services, listing lawyers by their specialization and region, and there's a growing online network of tools that can help small businesses get the legal advice they need. Some websites offer lists with short biographical outlines of attorneys' experience and specializations. Some even grade their listed attorneys via a system that compiles the confidential ratings of judges and other lawyers. Tools like these can be critical in helping a small business with limited resources find the right lawyer to work with them.

Hiring Franchise Attorneys

If you opt to become the owner of a franchise instead of an independent business, then it's very important to look to franchise lawyers for legal counsel. Don't sign a franchising contract without a lawyer, and don't sign a lawyer without a screening interview. Franchise laws can be complex, and you need to understand what you're getting into, so make sure your chosen lawyer can explain franchise law basics in plain language for businesspeople who may not be familiar with legal terminology. The best franchise lawyers will aid their clients beyond the contract or courtroom, helping them to better understand the legal system and stay out of trouble.