Intellectual Property Lawyers

Get an intellectual property attorney to protect your ideas

Intellectual property refers to the legal monopoly over designs of the mind, both in an artistic and a commercial sense. Under intellectual property law, those who reserve exclusive rights can guarantee their ownership of non-material assets, including artistic concepts, inventions and ideas, industry secrets and know-how, and even words, phrases, and personal and business names. Types of intellectual property protection include copyrights, trademarks and patents.

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What Can Happen Without Intellectual Property Lawyers?

Here is a hypothetical situation. You open a new restaurant called "Jimmy's Sausages." Over the next ten years your business grows and profits steadily increase, so you and your associates go about acquiring new property and expanding into new locations. Working with employment lawyers has ensured that your workers are satisfied with their contracts, and good employee training has ensured your customers are satisfied with their dining experience. After a decade of hard work, your restaurants are known for their cleanliness and excellent product and service.

However, then another company starts a similar chain with the same name and becomes known for poor-quality service, food and sanitation. Your business's reputation suffers when the new restaurant attracts negative publicity, but because you never legally protected your intellectual property, including the "Jimmy's Sausages" name, branding and logo design, you are in a much less secure position to do anything about this infringement. Despite all those years of hard work, your business declines.

A Copyright or Patent Attorney Can Protect You

An intellectual property attorney can prevent these kinds of things from happening, and can represent you if they do happen. And there is an increasingly wide scope of things that need to be protected. For example, owners of websites should consult an intellectual property firm when considering the intellectual property copyright behind both their name and their product.

The issue of online copyright also deals with a website's domain, or website address, which in the online universe is the equivalent of real estate property ownership. Those starting up a new website will want to make sure they're not infringing on the name or domain of another online company, since there may be copyright in the text, the database or even the designer's artistic contribution to the website. It might even pertain to a song played on the site as a visitor arrives. If you believe you have developed something new and unique, then, just like any inventor, you might want to consult a patent lawyer.