Business Lawyers

Why does your business need an attorney?

International business law, sometimes called commercial law, is the body of law that includes business and commercial transactions. Business attorneys offer legal advice and representation to their clients, and they often act as the lubricant between different companies, making sure the wheels of industry turn smoothly during processes like acquisitions and mergers.

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What Business Attorneys Do

Business law firms are used by a variety of organizations, including small, medium and large corporations and not-for-profit groups. Business lawyers are often consulted during the initial stages of a company's start-up process, aiding in the development of documents to legally protect critical ideas, establishing an identity for the company within the business and technology world, constructing contracts for new employees, and providing guidance on executive compensation and the overall governing of a corporate body. Corporate attorneys are sometimes employed to help in following and implementing governmental procedures applying to certain industries.

International business lawyers can be consulted for guidance on many different issues, including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, licensing issues, franchise deals, sales, secured financial contracts, commercial leases and executive and employee contracts.

The Importance of Hiring a Business Lawyer

A company can never really predict when it will need immediate legal advice. It's important to reach an agreement in advance with a lawyer who will provide his or her services. Establishing this relationship means that your company will be prepared in case of emergency (such as being sued), but also that, with regular legal consultations and advice, there is less chance of such emergencies arising.

As for costs, generally speaking, the larger the company, the higher the cost for maintaining the regular counsel of business law professionals. However, it's important for very large businesses to maintain a team of lawyers with different specializations, such as employment lawyers and contract lawyers, so they can address legal problems with a diverse skill set.

When searching for a business lawyer, it's important that a company's managers or owners ask themselves several questions before moving forward. One of the simplest but most significant things to consider is whether the lawyer communicates well. Do they provide more than just yes or no answers to questions? Do they talk in legal jargon? Fully understanding every conversation is crucial when hiring a lawyer for your business. Company leaders shouldn't be afraid to ask themselves if they actually like the person who will be dispensing their business legal advice.