Software Consulting

Software consultants build custom IT solutions for your business

Software consultants are information technology (IT) professionals capable of assessing the current software of a business or non-profit organization in order to provide effective solutions for increasing their business potential and productivity. Consultants may be self-employed or linked to a company through a software consulting firm.

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A software consultant's job may include implementing an entirely new process (a new series of software options) or simply upgrading and updating the software already in place. As is the case with other computer consulting services, the goal of software consulting services is to make changes and repairs that will maximize a client's efficiency and productivity.

Who Could Use Software Consulting Services?

Just about anyone who is concerned that their current software options are not the very best for keeping their customers satisfied or their company security protected could benefit from hiring a software consulting company. For example, a company running a sports website might require software consulting in order to introduce new programs that would allow the website to feature online contests – such as fantasy baseball, hockey or basketball pools – to draw in new visitors and keep existing visitors coming back to the site. Since not everyone working on that website is an expert on new and exciting software programs, a consultant could come in and train existing employees on how to introduce and maintain new software, or the consultant could simply introduce and maintain it themselves for a set fee.

This is not to say that software development consulting is only for high-tech companies that are Internet-based. A software consulting company may used by a wide variety of industries. For instance, an accounting firm may want to implement a new accounts-payable or billing system that is unique to their company. This makes the threat of outside attack less likely, and it can also give the firm the ability to customize programs to their own use, a function not always available with software used by the wider public.

How Are Software Consultants Hired?

Computer software consulting experts must be well-educated in their field and demonstrate a wide understanding of many different types of software applications. Typically, a software consulting firm will be contacted by a company to help implement a new program, at which point the company and consultant will agree on the time frame and the fee for completing the project.