Computer Consulting

Computer consultants help with your tech troubles

Computer consultants are information technology (IT) experts who specialize in the construction and maintenance of hardware systems (computers and their components, including processors, hard drives and modems) or the installation and maintenance of software systems (word-processing or anti-virus programs, for example) or both. For most small, and even sometimes large, companies, the hiring of a computer expert through a computer consulting company can be a regular occurrence. Problems happen and needs change, and it's important that the right expert be there to provide the necessary help – and since not every business requires or can afford permanent IT support for every situation, they will often partner with a consulting company.

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What Do Computer Consultants Do?

Individuals or groups hired through a computer consulting firm can typically provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Anti-virus protection. A computer consultant can install new anti-virus software, upgrade existing software and clean out viruses that may have already infected a computer or an entire network. Because virus-related issues can be extremely hazardous for a company's IT system, many consultants offer 24-hour emergency service in order to deal with these problems as soon as possible.
  • Spyware removal. Spyware might be less likely to cripple an entire network than a virus, but its incessant pop-ups can paralyze the productivity of a company's employees.
  • Network maintenance. Network consulting experts can help to build, improve and repair these critical linkages between staff and management.
  • System upgrades. Since technology (and threats to technology) is always changing, it's important to have the most recent software (and software protection) available.
  • Data recovery. In instances where a hard drive has crashed, or a laptop or desktop has been exposed to water, lightning, viruses or otherwise damaged, the contents of the computer's data storage can be lost. Recovering this vital information can be a long and difficult process, and most companies will seek out experts to maximize their chances of successfully getting the information back.
  • Web hosting/web programming. Establishing and maintaining a useful website is critical for most companies, and some consultants specialize in making the most of the online part of a business.

Even small business computer consulting firms should offer most, if not all, of the above services.

How to Choose a Computer Consulting Company

A good computer consulting business will provide experts who take their work seriously, and the best will also provide round-the-clock coverage. Their consultants remain calm and concerned in times of emergency, and should be able and willing to explain, in a way that someone who is not an IT specialist can understand, the services they are providing for the company.