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Find an Internet service provider to suit your business

Internet access is no longer a helpful addition to a company—it's an essential setting for most business tasks and communication. Software is often operated entirely online, and where it used to take quite a while to compose and coordinate data, the Internet has simplified these processes. Businesses that are able to take advantage of all the marketing, organizing and media aspects that the Internet offers will be ahead of the game, so consider which type of Internet access will work best for your business.

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Types of Internet Access

The four primary types of Internet services for your business are cable, satellite, DSL and dial-up. You need to determine how much you care to spend on an Internet access provider and how fast the access needs to be to satisfy your office responsibilities. If low cost is your greatest priority, dial-up access may appeal to you—it can cost as little as $10 per month, and the connection speed is much faster than it used to be. Drawbacks include slow video downloads and the forfeit of a phone line, but these are relatively minimal sacrifices for some businesses. Before you write off dial-up as slow and inefficient, check out some Internet service providers to compare services and pricing.

Many companies choose high-speed Internet access, such as cable, satellite or DSL services. These are more expensive options, but with broadband Internet access you can count on a fast enough connection speed for communications such as Web conferencing. The downside to broadband is that the "guaranteed" bandwidth is not always available, as Internet service providers often have more subscribers at one time than their network will allow. However, for businesses that rely on fast connection, streaming and downloading, broadband will likely be the way to go.

Choose a Functional and Affordable Internet Access Provider

Aside from speed and monthly cost, you need to keep a few things in mind when comparing Internet service providers. Some will provide a preset number of e-mail accounts, while others allow only a limited amount of monthly Web traffic and provide technical support only within a given time frame. While cheap Internet access will keep some cash in your pocket, you may find that the compromise in service is simply not worth the savings.

There are several methods to keep your business connected, but the most appropriate type of Internet access for your company depends on its requirements and budget. Does your company conduct a relatively small amount of work online, or does your office rely on the Internet for most tasks? From dial-up access to wireless Internet access, you do have the option to begin with a moderately fast service and then move to a more advanced service as your business needs change, so consider your present circumstances to make the best choice.

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