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Since there are so many things that can go wrong with computers these days, it's important that businesses invest time and resources in researching data storage. The more valuable the data – be it financial records, market research, or personnel information – the more a company will want to spend on making sure a network, hardware or software glitch doesn't completely stall production for days or even weeks.

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Back Up Important Data

"Backing up" is a particularly important kind of data storage that involves making a copy of your files and programs so that, in the case of a hardware or software issue requiring computer repair, you won't lose them to a nasty virus or corrupt hard drive.

For small businesses, it's possible that simply using data storage devices like a USB flash drive or portable external hard drive to back up the information on each computer once a week would be enough to prevent catastrophe.

However, for medium- and large-sized companies, the demands are often much greater when it comes to data storage systems. These companies have a much larger volume of financial records, employee information, recruiting materials and similar documents, and will often need to have their IT department invest in software programs, such as Acronis True Image, that can make backup images of an entire system directly onto a DVD-RW or CD-RW drive.

Online Data Storage Solutions

There are some very good data storage services online, such as Google Docs. Through the magic of something called "cloud computing," these services allow a business to save its data in secure portals on the Internet, meaning that a local hard drive or network crash won't prevent employees from accessing their important files. In fact, online, remote data storage services allow workers to access their files no matter where they are – at the office or at home.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for data protection from an online storage service. First, make sure this data storage company has a reliable security interface that will keep intruders away from your business's important information. While your data will be safe from computer crashes, it will be more vulnerable to hackers, so the online service you choose must have a proven security record. Second, confirm that the service company offers reliable help and support in case a file has been moved or altered, or simply in case a password has been forgotten.

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