Computer Repair

Your business needs a reliable computer repair service

Anyone who uses computers can agree that there are a lot of different things that can go wrong with them. Computers made in the last decade tend to have fewer separate parts than those built in the 1980s or early '90s, but many new problems have arisen since that time – none more serious than the threat of virus or malware (malicious software) infection. Diagnosing whether or not you have a hardware or software problem can be key in helping the professionals at computer repair shops specify the problem and go about fixing it.

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Diagnosing Computer Problems

Here are some tips to help you determine if the problem you're having with your computer is hardware- or software-related. First, does the computer boot up normally? If the system fails to reach the desktop, chances are there's either a power failure or hard drive issue, meaning the system will need to be opened up and inspected by a computer repair technician. However, even a damaged hard drive can sometimes make it to the desktop and perform one or two basic functions before slowing to a crawl and then crashing altogether. Other hardware issues might include the loss of video or audio, problems that aren't typically related to software corruption or viruses.

Software issues are often easier to identify. If you're being bombarded with advertisements for strange or adult-oriented products, then your computer has probably become infected with a virus, spyware or other potentially harmful programs. These can dramatically slow the performance of an Internet browser, but they can also affect the speed of a system in all of its processes, since they often attack the computer's registry. While anti-virus programs can sometimes prevent these problems from occurring, they're hardly brick walls for hackers who are constantly devising new ways to infect unprotected computers.

Leave It to the Computer Repair Service Pros

Whether you need desktop or laptop computer repair, a computer repair business can typically fix both hardware and software problems. However, a crashing hard drive or infected registry can sometimes mean the permanent loss of some or all data stored on the system, so regular backup sessions using portable hard drives, USB flash drives, or other data storage devices are also highly recommended.

If your company works with a computer consulting firm, then that's who you should probably contact first in times of trouble. But unless you have in-depth computer knowledge and the proper computer repair tools, it is never recommended that you open up your computer and try to fix a problem yourself.