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What is IT? Technically, information technology (IT) is defined as a branch of engineering that involves the use of computers and telecommunication services to retrieve, store and transmit data. However, it's more than just that. IT support is a number of things, including the design, development, implementation and support of computer-based information systems and networks. An IT Services department is typically responsible for establishing and maintaining a computer system and network, including its hardware and software, regular updates and repairs to the system or individual computers whenever necessary.

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The computer maintenance department of a company isn't always known as IT. Instead, business IT solutions are sometimes provided by people working under a different title, such as Management Information Services (MIS) or simply Information Services (IS). The number of IT, MIS or IS representatives at a company largely depends on that company's size and software demands. Major manufacturers, for example, will require many employees in their information services department, whereas small companies may only need to staff one or two people to provide system maintenance, if that many; some businesses turn to computer consulting companies for all their IT needs.

What Are Some IT Services?

Most IT professionals are responsible for keeping a company's computer system running smoothly. That can mean anything from performing computer repair to improving data storage to uploading software that protects computers against infection by viruses or spyware. It can also mean completing less regular updates like the installation of a new operating system or important word-processing or spreadsheet programs. Most IT departments have several different positions serving unique roles, such as system administrators and database administrators, and are led by a chief information officer (CIO).

The Growing Need for IT Support

Information technology support is a critical part of the business landscape. Now that having up-to-date hardware and software is such a big part of business success, there's more need than ever for companies to employ experts in business IT services who understand their systems and provide regular IT solutions. It has been well publicized that there is a shortage of IT professionals, and more and more colleges are trying to fill that void with ever-growing class sizes in computer science and related disciplines. Today, getting trained in business IT support is one of the best ways to land a job right out of school.