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Learn how medical transcription companies can help your practice

Medical records are a central element of every medical practice, and their organization is imperative to a successful medical office. Medical transcription services play an important role in this organized system of record keeping, as most medical practices do not have the time or resources to effectively transcribe their own records.

The traditional method of storing paper files has given way to computerized record keeping, which involves storing electronically transcribed files and digital voice files in a database. These electronically transcribed files must be clearly organized and complete to ensure that the confidential patient information is easily retrievable and helpful to any other healthcare provider who may need to consult the information in the future. Learn what medical transcription companies have to offer and how to choose the best services for your practice.

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The Medical Transcription Process

The predominant method of recording and relating information in the medical field is by audio file, which is often stored and sent to transcribers in digital format. Transcription services receive the spoken record and apply their editorial expertise to type it out quickly and accurately before sending it back to the practice. The transcribed records are usually electronically stored on either an internal system or a hosted online database. More and more physicians and medical transcription companies are turning to online medical transcription, which is a very accessible and affordable solution.

Finding Medical Transcription and Coding Services

These days, more medical transcriptionists, or MTs, work for an outsourced service that either holds a contract with a hospital or operates completely independently from any particular hospital or practice. This means that there is a variety of transcription services to choose from, and since these transcribers are not necessarily affiliated with an office or hospital, the choice can be a difficult one.

As with medical billing services, you need to know that your transcriptionist service is professional in all aspects of their handling of sensitive and confidential information, so you will want to make sure your medical transcription company is reliable and trustworthy, upholding HIPAA security standards while completing the task in a prompt fashion. The Certified Medical Transcriptionist, or CMT, designation is the most advanced designation awarded by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity and indicates that the person is likely a skilled MT.

Although good transcription services can be expensive, cheaper outsourced services may bring more worry than assistance, as the quality of work may be disappointing. You can find an affordable and effective solution by being an inquisitive shopper—have the service company explain the charges, ask about any extra fees and pay attention to how swiftly and clearly they respond. It's a good idea to compare the virtues and drawbacks of a few companies in order to find a trustworthy transcriber that fits your budget.

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