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Find legal transcription services to keep your firm organized

While some firms employ paralegals to handle much of their administrative duties, hiring legal transcription services can be the most cost-effective and efficient option for your business. Aside from legal case files, you will need services to transcribe the interviews, focus groups, documentary interviews and conference calls that would be very time-consuming to record on your own.

The key role of any legal transcription service is to save you time by recording and organizing important and often confidential information. This means you'll want to hire a service that is skillful, swift and trustworthy, to ensure that your records are accurate and can be accessed promptly. Transcription services are vital, but not all transcribers offer the same quality or punctuality—learn what to look for in a legal transcriptionist before you commit to a service.

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About Legal Transcription

Today, files to be transcribed are often recorded by voice, sent in a digital format over a secured Internet connection, converted by a trained legal transcriptionist and then sent back or stored, often through data storage services. Alternatively, some legal professionals choose to keep both electronic and printed records of everything from depositions to testimonies to trial proceedings. Before you choose a legal transcription company, make sure that they guarantee confidentiality and can provide a secure transfer of information; legal services are responsible for ensuring their clients' privacy, and so they are also responsible for enlisting a trustworthy transcriber.

Find the Right Legal Transcriptionist

Since there are so many legal transcription services available, you'll want to narrow down your choices to reputable companies. Don't be afraid to ask for proof of qualification—many transcribers are trained in a legal capacity, with experience as paralegals or legal secretaries. Although experience in the field isn't absolutely necessary, it is helpful, and there is a better chance of receiving quality work from those who know the language and practices of law. On the other hand, not all experienced transcribers offer the same quality of service—consider candidates that offer a free trial period, which will let you observe the quality of their services first-hand.

When you compare companies, look into how they charge for their legal transcriptions. Digital legal transcription is faster and cheaper than mailing files back and forth, but the rates will depend on the size and nature of your project. While some companies charge by the line, other may charge by the character or the length of the recording. The specific style of transcription will also determine price—whether you favor accuracy of the discussion, correct grammar or clear and succinct language will play a role in the service fee.

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