Document Imaging Services

All about document imaging

Document imaging is any process or service that reproduces your business documents. Document imaging services may provide several options for your imaging needs, including copying, faxing, scanning, indexing and online document hosting.

Document imaging outsourcing is a convenient way to deal with your replication needs, especially when you're dealing with a large project. You can quickly send your documents out to have them copied, organized and indexed, or scanned into a usable Web-based document. This saves you the time – and could also save you some of the money – it would take to deal with your own documents, and it improves the professional look of your documents.

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A document imaging company can provide you with expertise in the design and presentation of a document, as well as translate your hard copies into Web-friendly documents. You may also find these companies offering other services, such as data entry or transcription services. In addition, many of these companies will help you upload, index and host a Web-based platform.

Document Imaging Scanners

If you're hesitant to outsource your imaging needs, or you have a high volume of imaging projects, you may choose to purchase document imaging scanners. The latest available scanners can offer you all kinds of document management services, including printing, copying, scanning and uploading documents to the Internet.

The kind of scanner you purchase will depend on your business needs. You can find scanners that have the best technology for high-volume projects, scanners designed to work best with digital imaging, or scanners that can be programmed for individual departments. There are also less expensive scanners available, suitable for smaller businesses that don't require a high volume of imaging work.

Electronic Document Imaging

As many companies now rely heavily on computers and the Internet for all their document needs, electronic document imaging has become a specialty service. While you can always purchase a scanner and upload your documents to the Web on your own, an electronic document imaging service can offer you the technical expertise and design advice on how to best translate your hard documents to Web documents.

Some electronic document imaging services will also offer you training so that you and your employees can become familiar with common Internet document design and Web hosting skills.