Answering Services

Choosing a phone answering service

A professional answering service can be the key to running a well-organized and successful business. If you don't have the time or the employees to attend to your incoming phone calls on a regular basis, a call answering service can make sure that none of your customers are ignored, and none of your messages are lost.

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What Type of Professional Answering Service Do You Need?

There are a number of different types of answering services available, including automatic, computer-based or live answering services. The telephone answering service you need depends on the type of business you run.

If your phones are constantly busy with calls from suppliers, customers or clients, you may want to go with a live answering service. This type of service guarantees that all of your calls are answered live by a person who can offer immediate assistance to your callers. On the other hand, if your phone barely rings, or you're able to deal with most of your calls on your own, an automatic answering service may provide you with all you need by taking messages and directing callers with pre-recorded messages.

Most answering services are staffed by people working from home or in a call center. Those that aren't live are run electronically, typically over the Internet. The most common services offered include 24-hour phone response or messaging, after-hours reception, dispatch, order taking, scheduling, reservations, registration, event booking and advertisement response. Usually, when you engage an answering service, you are asked to select a few services, which are bundled into a customized package that best suits your needs.

Many home businesses and small companies are able to get by without any administrative staff when they combine the use of an answering service with that of administrative services and/or data entry services.

Maintaining Quality Customer Service

It's easy to increase your levels of customer service and response when you outsource your call answering needs. In a busy business day, it's easy to miss a call or forget about responding to a message. Call answering services can take care of all those little details for you. You can be sure that your top customers will always be able to contact someone in a time of need, or you can have message reminders to guarantee that you'll never forget a message again. No matter how small or big your company gets, you can rely on your answering service to be focused on providing excellent service to your customers.