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Today's shoppers often choose to make their purchases with a debit card or a credit card instead of carrying cash. Many retailers are enticing consumers further by offering special bonus points each time their particular card is used to complete a transaction. For this reason, it's crucial today to have credit card processing options available for your business if you want to maximize your sales potential.

Signing up for merchant account credit card processing is the first step to conducting credit card transactions at your place of business. From there, should you choose to also sell merchandise online via your ecommerce website, then you'll also need to sign up for online credit card processing. While many think that having a regular merchant account is enough, you do need to have an Internet credit card payment processing account set up as well.

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Credit Card Processing Solutions

Online start-up businesses can find credit card processing software that can accept credit cards and also make deposits to a bank account. You can choose to open up a pre-built e-commerce store like the ones offered by Amazon or eBay, or build your own website and install a shopping cart application from a third party. Your costs for the software can range from completely free to several hundred dollars per month.

Another thing to note is that while many credit card processing services claim to be free, they incur a percentage of each transaction. To find the best deal, you'll need to compare various applicable plans based on the sales volume of your store. Many of these "free" services have higher percentage fees that are prohibitive for companies with large amounts of sales each month, and can instead end up costing you much more.

Regardless of the fees involved, many businesses see a significant jump in their sales when they announce that they accept credit card transactions—in some cases sales can increase by several hundred percent! The costs of credit card processing are much less than the potential rewards, but it's in your best interest to find the best processor to keep more of the money in your business.

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