Business Cash Advance

Do you need a merchant cash advance?

A business cash advance, or merchant cash advance, is a cash advance loan specifically designed for business owners. Whether you need startup capital, want help through a rough patch in your business, or are having trouble getting a traditional loan because of your credit situation, a business cash advance can get you the funds you need to keep things moving.

Paying back a business cash advance may also be easier than paying back a traditional bank loan, because you can put your sales profits directly toward it. Many merchant cash advance services allow you to hook up your business's credit card options to your loan, ensuring that every time one of your customers makes a payment with a credit card, that money goes directly to paying off your loan.

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Fast Cash Advance

There are several options available to business owners looking for a loan. It's easy to get a fast cash advance, whether it's to cover an emergency situation or just to have some security behind your ever-changing small business accounting balances. Your easiest option is to have your credit card sales linked directly to your loan payment. Most companies look at this as a guarantee that the loan will be paid, and are therefore more willing to help you out, and to help you out more quickly.

Many cash advance services can get you the money you need within 48 to 72 hours after approval. Furthermore, the approval process is faster and easier than a traditional bank loan because there is no collateral required and because, as you pay back your first cash advance, your good standing with the service increases, and you can more easily apply for further loans.

Online Cash Advance

An online cash advance is the simplest way to speed up the process of getting some money into your hands. Most cash advance services, including pay-day loan companies, provide an online application option, which saves you the time, effort and cost of applying in person. Online applications also tend to be processed faster, since they are contained in a standardized form that can be reviewed and approved through a computer system.