Retail Consulting

Getting business advice from retail consultants

Whether you run a traditional or an online retail store, the expertise of a retail consulting business can do a lot for the health of your company's bottom line. Retail consultants evaluate and analyze every level of your operation and help you identify places where you could save money, increase revenues and streamline the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

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Services Offered by Retail Consulting Firms

Retail business consulting professionals typically begin by asking you about your objectives, both immediate and long-term. Whether you run a single store and want to boost your sales numbers or manage a national or international chain of retail operations, goal definition is the essential first step.

Keeping your objectives in mind, the retail consultants will then perform an in-depth analysis of your business structure. They will look at your relationship with suppliers and customers, assess your stock and inventory, and evaluate your labor force. In addition, they will inspect the appearance of your store, whether brick-and-mortar or virtual, taking into account everything from its floor plan and layout to its cleanliness and decor.

After they've completed their initial assessment, your retail consultants will sit down and crunch some numbers. Through supply chain management consulting, they'll identify ways you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your procurement needs. They will help you run a tighter, leaner warehouse and identify ways in which you can maximize your human resources while minimizing your labor costs. Your customer service policies will be reviewed and improved upon.

In addition, they will suggest strategies you can use to increase the visibility of impulse-purchase items, top-selling brands and products, and in-store promotions, all with an eye to boosting overall sales numbers. Their sales consulting expertise can dramatically improve the profitability of your business and heighten levels of customer satisfaction.

Choose the Right Retail Management Consulting Firm

It is vital that you select a retail management consulting firm that has extensive experience not only in the retailing of the products your company sells, but also in the forum in which you operate. If you run an online retail business, don't expect great results from a consultant whose entire range of experience lies with traditional retailers.

Second, look at case studies; inspect the before-and-after numbers and follow up with the consultant's former clients to gauge their level of satisfaction. You want a consultant who not only has great ideas, but also one with proven success in implementing them.