Construction Consulting

Consulting services for your construction project

If you're planning a large-scale construction project as part of a growth initiative or as the result of a business acquisition, then construction consulting services can provide you with invaluable resources and advice. Construction management and consulting firms can do everything from supervising the actual building process to ensuring all phases of your project are in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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What Do Construction Consultants Do?

Construction consulting services help you make the most of the resources you dedicate to a particular building project. They assist in all levels of project planning and execution, including risk assessment and management, critical path scheduling, contingency plans and personnel training programs. In addition, they can manage your company's outsourcing needs if you have to hire additional architects, contractors or supervisors.

There is a specialized field known as construction maintenance consulting, which deals with the technicalities and legalities of ongoing projects. Generally speaking, these firms offer advanced expertise in the field of construction law, ensuring that your project is in accordance with local laws and standards such as zoning and building codes. Construction lawyers also work to protect your interests in the event of a work stoppage, funding shortage or a contractor's failure to meet obligations.

Choose a Construction Consulting Firm

There are three important considerations you need to make before committing to a particular construction consultant. First, make sure the firm has direct, quantifiable and proven experience managing projects of the same scope as the one you're undertaking. Second, ensure that they're local to the region where the construction project is taking place. Third, ensure that they have the resources to deliver the full range of services you need.

As with any type of management consulting, rapport is very important. You don't want to be butting heads with your consultants; chances are you'll have enough headaches to deal with on your own. Check out other construction projects the consultancy helped manage and see if they came together on time and within the assigned budgetary guidelines. Gather professional references and follow up on them to ensure the consultancy actually does deliver everything it promises.